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Distributed: Mar 21, 2012

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New York, Mar 21, 2012 (Global Fashion Wire) - Global Fashion Wire (GFW) is pleased to introduce {r}evolution apparel, and its designers & co-founders, Kristin Glenn & Shannon Whitehead, who are often described as travellers, explorers and adventurers.

The {r}evolution apparel brand is pioneering a movement that sparks conversations about how our shopping habits affect the world. The brand designs innovative apparel that tells a story about consumption. The brand's first piece, The Versalette, can be worn over 15 different ways, made in the USA with 100 percent recycled fabrics.

The {r}evolution apparel products show people that they can buy less, but have more -- while preserving precious resources.

"We've already seen our message spread through Kickstarter -- raising over $64,000 with exposure in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. We're the founders of {r}evolution apparel, and we believe innovative design will change the face of fashion -- and the future of the planet," commented Kristin Glenn.

{r}evolution apparel founders commented further, stating "We imagine a world where idealism is a constant and selflessness is the norm. Where we consume only what we need, and give back more than we take away. We imagine a world where the rivers are clear, the air is pure, and mindfulness is always in style."

"Where people care about experiences over expendables, and good over greed. Where success is measured in who you are and not what you own. We imagine such a world -- and we know it's possible."

"We have spent the last year sourcing fabrics, buttons, and drawstrings to create a product that we (and you) can feel good about. Fashion today wreaks havoc on the environment and is a source of human rights issues around the world. By no means is the Versalette a solution to all of these ills -- but it's a start."

"With your support, we can grow into our ideals and continue the discussion about where our clothes come from and what we can do to make conscious purchases. Your support means everything. We are so grateful for the chance to continue doing what we do and making a difference, together."

If you would like to Support The Revolution or for more information on the '{r}evolution movement', visit {r}evolution apparel BLOG

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{r}evolution apparel introduces 'The Versalette' video:

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